I currently have a Win 2K server configured with RRAS to allow remote users
to connect to our network through a PPTP VPN. There are usually only 4 or 5
users connected at any one time. The VPN usually works fine, except when
several of our users travel to South America (specifically Chile). When
connecting from there, they often have connection problems where the VPN
connection reaches the "Verifying Username and Password" stage, and then just
hangs, or the connection will be successful, but will drop after several
minutes of being connected. Both sites are on high speed networks with
DSL/T1 internet connections.

One of the Admins at our office in Chile suspected that the "timeout" period
was set too low (since the distance the connection is traveling is so great,
the connection needs more time), but did not know how to configure this in
Win 2K. Could this be the problem? If so, how is RRAS connection timeout
configured? If this is not the problem, what could it be?

Thanks in advance for your help.



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