RRAS - Users dialing in using IP from my WAN PPP SLIP??



Here is the background for my problem...

So I have a Windows 2000 server that is a RRAS.
Lets say on IP

It has a set of 6 IP set to assign to users.
Lets say it is

When i reboot the server, there is one IP visible on the machine.

If I connect to the server via VPN, RRAS spins up and creates a WAN SLIP PPP
interface with an IP of

As far as I am concerned, all is as it should be at this point.
The tunnel is operational. Access to the network works fine.

The problem I have is this... A previous admin has told the users NOT to
connect to (the server static IP).

Instead he tells them to connect to (the WAN PPP SLip interface
on my NIC)

So incoming VPN requests from those users hit instead of the
servers real address.

Can anyone tell me why someone would want to do this?
It seems entirely illogical to me and I suspect it has been the cause of
problems users have experienced on our VPN.

I have been told that the previous admin was "brilliant" and he had a reason
for doing it this way. No one seems to know that reason but yet it is
accepted as the rule.

Please help me disprove this logic (or tell me I am totally wrong) because I
just don't see why anyone would point to that IP and not just to the server.



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