RRAS routing


Frank Juszli

I'll try to keep the explanation short. My core network is running Exchange
2000. I also have remote users with pop3 accounts. Historically, we setup
our remote users with 2 profiles. One would be for internal mail (via VPN)
and the other for internet mail. Everything works great however now we are
trying to put the 2 profiles together into one to be accessed across the
VPN. I got that working however when sending mail from the remote user to
an internal user that doesn't have internet email I have to change the
domain name in order to get the mail processed internally. Is there any
method to direct the processing ? As far as I can tell I'm processing
internal mail first (using Outlook) however networking wise it seems that
all email goes internet unless I change the domain name to an internal name.
I hope the question is clear and appreciate any thoughts.

Frank Juszli
Chemical Assocates


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