RRAS Cannot Start (wan miniport DEVICE)


Rodrigo Ordonez

Most of these Devices are not physical,

But added to the registry by Installers or software, If
the software fails to remove them automatically there may
be stuck in the registry for good.

What I found out was that there is a directory.

%Windows Folder%\repair\RegBack

There you can find a backup of your registry Files,
(Probably of the ones that were active when you did your
las emergency disk at the backup feature of windows)

I just used the recovery console to create another
directory at %Windows Folder%\system32\config tha
replaced the old one with the files I found at

%Windows Folder%\repair\RegBack

And Voila, registry in a healthy State.

Hope this helps someone in the future.


Rodrigo O
Xnet.com.mx / Pwworks.com


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