Routing between 2 RRAS servers



At Location 1 we have a RRAS server with the following IP's
NIC 1 - IP =
SM =
DG = (Pix Firewall to DSL)
NIC 2 - IP =
SM =
DG = none
Location 1 has a 3COM firewall at It goes out a Cable modem

At Location 2 we have a RRAS server with the follwoing IP's
NIC 1 - IP =
SM =
DG = (Pix Firewall to DSL)
NIC 2 - IP =
SM =
DG = none

There is a PPTP tunnel betwenn the 2 RRAS servers using the 2 PIX firewalls.

If the PC's at Location 1 have a default gateway of (the 3COM
firewall), should they be able to access the PC's at Location 2 on the network or will they need to have a default gateway of
(the RRAS server) Will traffic destined for the network try to
go out the 3COM firewall since that is where the default gateay is ?




Bill Grant

No, it will not work as it is. As you suggest, traffic for the other
private site will go to the default router at and be lost
(because that router does not know about the VPN link). If you make
the default router, nothing will use the 3COM. You need to use the 3COM as
the default gateway but somehow get the private traffic to the RRAS router
to go across the tunnel.

You need a static route to send traffic for to the RRAS
router. If you can add this route to the 3COM firewall it will bounce the
traffic to the correct gateway. (The clients will learn this route by ICMP
redirects from the firewall/router. This is the way I would recommend you do
it. Let the routers handle the routing).Otherwise you would need to add a
static route to each machine in . The static route (in either
case) would be

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