RIS server and RIPREP



Hi All,

Was wondering if anyone could possibly help me grasp deploying Windows
XP with the RIS/RIPREP.

Here's where I am - what I understand and what problems I am facing

1- I've taken the installation files off a CD added it to the RIS
server. I created a new image and pointed it to the installation files.
It was running for a good 20 minutes and I had a new image on the list.

2- I've prepared a custom built Windows XP machine (desktop icons,
installed applications etc'). I'm using RIS on a 2000 server so I had
to get the latest RIPREP application off Microsoft and placed it on the
server. I ran the application via the network on my windows XP machine
to create an image file. It worked once, and then on another attempt
(further experiments with updates) it didn't.

*When it did work - it appeared as though I had another image (in
addition to the base image I created) - is that the way it's suppose to
be? I thought somehow the base image that was added in stage 1 would
somehow merge with what the RIPREP created. How does this actually
work? the OS version created btw was 5.1 (2600). When RIPREP was close
to finish running the computer crashed after giving some error
messages. When it came back up I had to key in the serial number for
windows - I believe I can solve this with

*When it didn't work - I got the all too familiar message:
"The RIS server to which you are attempting to post this installation
does not contain the correct CD-based image. The version of the
CD-based image on the server must match the version of the system you
are attempting to image [Version 5.1 Build 2600, Language English].
Please either select a different RIS server to post this installation
to or add the corresponding CD-based image to the current RIS server."
I think the main issue here is in linking the RIPREP image to the base
image (it's just not finding the image even after I've created test
ones - I'm still getting this message)

Any help and advice would be much appreciated



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