Ris Server 2003 RipRep Windows XP



Hello...I curretnly use Windows 2000 RIS and love it. I installed my first Windows 2003 server and configured RIS. I added the OEM CD as the base image for XP. I proceeded to setup a new Precision 650 out of box. After installing all apps, I ran RIPREP and pushed th eimage up to the server. The RIPREP ran without any errors and I can see th eimage under Remote Install Server Properties. When I try to use RIS to put that RIPREP image back on the same computer I do not see the RIPREP image as an option. I only see the 2 base images (windows XPSP1a and Server 2003). I understand that HAL's make a difference but I am using the exact same machine I used to push the image up. All permission seem to be correct and the user has read access. Can anyone give input to why this would happen


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