RIS deployment with client, RIS and DHCP on 3 VLANs



Hello, I have this problem related to the RIS deployment:
This is the environment:
- the client (W XP) is located on subnet A.
- the RIS Server S2 (W2003) is located on subnet B.
- the DHCP S1 (W2003) is located on subnet C.
- the DHCP S2 (W2003) is located on subnet B and is active on the RIS server.
- the subnet A router is configured with the RIS Server, the S1 and the S2
DHCP ip addressess.

This is the problem:
When I boot the client with the PXE agent, it starts getting the ip address
from the DHCP server S1, then it fails with the error "PXE-E53 No boot
filename received", and no ip address is leased on the scope on the DHCP
server. Consider that S1 is working properly: the proof is that when I boot
with a XP DHCP client I get a regular ip from S1.

Al alternate configuration, a working one, include the same environement
except the DHCP server, that has been replaced with S2, that is on the same
server acting as RIS server. In order to make this configuration working, I
have activated the same DHCP scope on S2 and deactivated on S1 (same scope
options). This way the PXE boot works: it gets the ip from S2 and load the
boot file.

I know this sould work, I have already deployed this configuration, but this
time I'm stucked. Can you give me some adirections on this issue, please?
Alesandro Galassi


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