RF Implementation


Mike Thomas

We have developed a receiving and shipping program in Access 2000 for which
we now want to implement RF scanning for parts in and parts out.

Does anyone know of any sites or other sources for information on this

Briefly, data will be scanned at the warehouse and the data sent to an off
site server where the Access application is running. My job will be to
somehow get Access communicating with the incoming data.

I envision that the person with the scanner will initiate an Access session
be pressing a key on the scanner. They will not have a computer screen, so
the Access code will need to be able to communicate with the hand held
scanner. We want to do this in real time.

I've been programming Access for years, but have no solid experience with
scanning. If anyone could point me in the right direction it woulsd be
greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,
Mike Thomas


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