Reverse DNS - Working or Not?



I have a firewall - one to one NAT turned on pointing to
my internal Exchange server, reverse DNS works.

I installed SPAM filter, changed the NAT to point to SPAM
filter, then route port 25 to Exchange server. Now the
reverse DNS doesn't work. (according to AOL)

The FQDN is still the same, MX record is still the same,
the only change is the machine name (Exchange server
is "LD1", SPAM filter is "mail") and the internal IP,
which should not make any difference.

When I do Reverse DNS testing either way it shows it's
working, however, we have multiple people that have AOL
account that our users communicate with, and mail is not
reaching them when my SPAM filter is in the mix, I have
contacted AOL and they tell me it's because of the non
reverse DNS?

Maybe I need to step out of the box, because I am not
seeing what's causing this.

TIA for anyone able to shed a light on this for me



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