requerying a subform


Paul Doree


I have a main form with two sub forms on it.

The recordsource of the second subform has in it's criteria a reference to
the JobID of the first i.e. forms!MainForm!Subform1!JobID. If I put a
button on the main form and requery Subform1 from it all is well - Subform2
results update to reflect the job selected in Subform1

What I need, though, and I'm struggling to find, is the syntax to requery
the second subform from the on current event of the first subform.

Help appreciated





The key is that you don't have the criteria expressed in the query

Instead you place the field names of the parent field and the child-
subform field in the master/child parts of the Data tab of the subform
as it resides on the mainform (the parent form).

If you do it that way no re-query is required.


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