Replacing drives in a RAID array


Riddle me this...

Thanks for reading this.

I'd like to replace the 5 4.?GB drives in my Dell PowerEdge 2300 with
6 9GB drives. The server has a PERC RAID controller. All drives are
configured as one container. Windows 2000 sees drives C (system) and D
(Data). The server is a kitchen sink server: AD, DNS, DHCP,
Exchange2000, file server, print spooler.

Here is what I envision happening:

1) Back everything up using NT backup.
2) Make sure backup is good.
3) Double check steps 1-2

4) Down server. Remove drives.
5) Install new drives. Power up server.
6) Use onboard Perc utility to create and initialize new container
using new physical disks.

7) Install Windows2000
8) ???????????
9) ???????????
10) Restore C and D partitions to new larger partitions.
11) Reboot server.
12) Love life.

Regarding steps 7-8. I create new, larger partitions for C and D and
then run restore, right? This gets me my larger partition sizes,

Thanks for any info or pointers you can provide.

Mr. Microsfot


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