Rename with more than 31 chars an Excel sheet



Hi. I need to rename my Excel sheets with long names, either manually or
using VBA, but I get the issue the names must be shorter than 31 chars.

I can do it using an external application (QTP from Mercury), it uses it's
internal datatable and I can export a sheet with a long name to an Excel
workbook and when I open the workbook the sheet it's there with the long
name, and works as any other sheet.

But I am sure there must be a way to rename the sheets from Excel or VBA
with long names. I don't understand why they (MS teams who developed Excel)
put that prevention, if long names does not affect the sheet performance. :-S

I hope an Excel or MS expert read this post, or anyone who knows how to do
that, and I will be so thankful.





I've never seen it done before. VBA will throw an error if you rename a
sheet with more that 31 chars.