Remoting Component --> Com+ Component:




I have created a Windows Application using C#. This Windows application makes a call to a Remoting Object which runs as a Windows Service. This Remoting Component makes a call to a Com+(Name : MyComPlusComponent) component. All the Windows application, the Remoting component and the Com+ run in the same Windows 2000 Advanced Server machine. When i am running the Windows application and invoking a method I am getting an error like this

"Method Not Found: MyComPlusComponent.MyMethod(system.string)".

When I run the windows application with Windows service of Remoting component stopped, I am getting an error like this
"No Connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it"

SO I feel that till remoting component its working fine. The Remoting component not able to communicate with the COM+ component. I have installed the COM+ component using RegSvcs.exe in that windows 2000 advanced server machine.

Why I am getting the Method Not found error.? Is there anything wrong in installing the Com+ component?

Waiting for your reply. Thanks.



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