Remote Hibernate / Wake



Good Afternoon:

I have a pretty complex scenario and I know how to committ to half of it,
but I could use some assistance on the other have.

Situation: 31 remote workstations need to be spundown for 10 minutes
everyday. Each of these workstations need to be on for 23 hours and 50
minutes everyday. Each workstation is located in multiple geographical
locations around the world.
Workstation may be in a state of logged on, logged off, or locked.

Solution: Hibernate for 10 minutes and Wake

Where I am so far:
I have a batch file that executes a command prompt call to
rundll32.exe powrprof.dll,SetSuspendState 1,1,0

This will put the PC into hibernate whether its logged on, logged off, or
locked. However, it will not wake on a scheduled process. The third digit at
the end of the command prompt call is suppose to represent "DisableWake" and
having this set to false, or otherwise 0, is suppose to keep Wake capability

Problem: I cannot cause the process to wake from hibernation without
manually pressing the power switch. Given the geographic limitation, this is
not feasible.

Additional Considerations: Shutdown.exe for WinXP Pro does not support
hibernate, Shutdown.exe for Win2K3 does support it, but it will not work when
the computer is logged off or locked. Shutdown.exe does not pose to help my
situation in any way.

Thank you very much and I hope someone can help me!



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