Remote Desktops MMC: Timeout



I frequently use the Remote Desktops MMC to dip in and out of a number of
servers that I manage/use.

I have a problem where if left unattended for a period of time, at first I
am logged out of the remote server (but I can obviously log back in again)
and after a further period, it completely disconnects the session - which
means that I lose all my open applications and if I leave a process running
I can't get back to monitor it.

I'm wanting on of two solutions (if either is possible):
- to be able to log back in to each server in order to continue my session,
- to extend or removed the timeout so that this problem doesnt occur or at
least gives me more time...

I can't see any appropriate settings anywhere, though I'm not sure I am
looking in the right places...




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