Remote Assistance Across the Public Internet



Here is my scenario.

1. Expert host is Windows XP SP2 with latest updates, RA

requestor host inviting the expert to a Remote Assistance

session over the public Internet is Windows XP Home with

latest updates.

2. Windows XP Pro SP2 Expert Host is a follows:

a. Windows firewall disabled

b. In System > Remote tab, Allow Remote Assistance

Invitations to be sent from this computer is checked. After

clicking the Advanced button, the Allow this computer to be

controlled remotely checkbox is unchecked. Invitations is set

to 30 days.

c. In System > Remote tab, Remote Desktop is unchecked.

d. Windows XP SP2 expert host is in private Class C address space

behind a NAT enabled router. UPnP is not enabled on the

router. Port 3389 is forwarded to the Windows XP SP2 Expert

host. ISP connection is cable modem.

3. Windows XP Home RA requestor host is as follows:

a. Windows XP Home host is configured to allow Remote

Assistance invitations to be sent.

b. Windows XP Home host is in a Class C private address

space behind a UPnP enabled, NAT wireless router. Port 3389

is forwarded to the Windows XP Home host. ISP connection is

ADSL. ADSL modem is configured as a transparent bridge.

c. Windows XP Home firewall is enabled and Remote

Assistance firewall exception is checked.

RA Session Initiation is as follows:

1. Windows XP Home host invites by sending a RA file to the

expert via file transfer through Windows Live Messenger.

2. Expert receives this file and changes all occurences of the

Private Class C (i.e. 192.168.1.x) addresses of the RA requestor

host to the Public IP address of the RA requestor's router.

3. Expert executes the modified RA requestor's file.

Result: Expert can still not connect to RA requestor host

machine. Error is as paraphrased ... cannot resolve host

computer name.

Why can the Expert host still not connect to the RA requestor





Both hosts in this secenario were placed in the DMZ of each router. Remote
Assistance connection still does not happen. Why?


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