"Refresh the data table" tableadapter option



Hi all

I'm a bit confused by the "Refresh the data table" option under Advanced
Settings when configuring a tableadapter. When I look at the InsertCommand I
can see that it has added a SELECT statement after the INSERT statement, but
I don't know how to access the returned values. E.g. I have "user" table
(which has an identity PK), I might insert rows like this:-

userTableAdapter.Insert("Jo Bloggs", "(e-mail address removed)", etc...);

The Insert method returns an int (number of rows affected), so how do I get
at the refreshed row values (particularly the identity PK assigned to the new
row)? I have seen other articles suggesting "roll your own" Insert query that
returns the ID as a scalar, but it would be nice to use the built-in "refresh
the data table" option, if this is what it's intended for.

Thanks in advance



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