Recovering a lost volume on a Windows 2000 server


Mehmet Boyaci


We have an old Windows 2000 Server with a small HDD of 20GB. It has
two partitions of 2GB and 18GB each.

Today the server ran out of space when I was trying to copy some files
from CD to the data (larger) partition. I tried deleting some small
files but still couldn't open up enough space. So I went through the
disk and deleted some 2GB of files that I didn't need. Then I tried
removing these from the recycle bin to open up the space. I got a
message saying something like "there was not enough spaceto remove the
files from the recycle bin". After a couple of tries I gave up and
restared the server since it was beginning to slow down anyway.

When the server rebooted I could see the drive letter in Windows
Explorer but I couldn't access the volume at all. When I select the
drive I get an "incorrect parameter error". When I look in disk
management the partition is there but the volume is gone.

I also ran chkdsk with the /f option and it went through all three
stages (taking quite a long while at around 30% on the second stage)
and did not find any errors.

I am stuck and I would really appreciate any help on how to recover
this volume.

Thanks in advance.

Mehmet Boyaci


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