Recovered hard Drive and noe Product key invalid for Office 2007?



I was having problems with my computer and decided since I have a recovery
hardrive I might as well use it. Well I think that may have been a rather
tedius process burt I am getting accustomed to what it means to be able to do
so. I did get the dreaded blue screen before all of this started so it was
warranted or at least I thought. Well, I did so a backup of my files prior to
the restore and now I cannot get the system to auto run form the first disk
even thought there is a babcup.1.exe file on the first disk and I am running
it as an administrator? Second problem is that my copy of OFFICE 2007 is
valid and I do have the correct product key, but the sysyem thinks that it is
invalid for some reason. I already deleted the opa12.dat file but it still
tells me that it is invalid. Is there any other way around this? I can only
use it 24 times and then I am going to be SOL and I really don't want to have
to spend time on an 1-800 # or try and obsess over these boards when it is
too late? Anyone with any good suggestions? I am not really that techy, but I
am willing to learn and I really try!!!!!
Thanks ahead of time :)


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