Recomendations for an HD video, general multimedia, light gaming card?


Mac Cool

This is for a new system I'm planning, I want a card that will hardware
accelerate DVD and Divx/Xvid playback, especially HD, because I like to
have stuff going in the background while I watch a movie. I also might
want a TV out for my HDTV. I don't play PC games anymore but occasionally
my kids will play a Harry Potter game so gaming requirements are very
light. I would prefer to stay inexpensive (read as cheap) if possible.
I've never owned an ATI card because I've alway read complaints about the
drivers, but it's been a few years since I've shopped video cards, are
drivers still a probelm? Recommendations on specific cards?

My hardware familiarity is about two years out of date so any other
recommendations (i.e AMD vs intel) for a multimedia (playing, ripping,
conversion) are also welcome.


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