Receiving fax from fax console



Using winxp home sp2. When wanting to receive a fax from the fax console,
the second button from the right says: "Receive Fax." If I click on this
button a window pops:"Fax Monitor." I immediately hear the dial tone and
have to click "Disconnect" and "Yes" to cancel the dial tone. I then return
to the "Receive Fax" window and when the phone rings I manually click to
receive the fax.

My question, is there a way to obtain the last window first so that I can
manually receive the fax? In the "Fax Configuration Wizard" window I have
checked Enable Send and Enable Receive with Manual answer.

Thanks for your help, joeZy



Kilgore Trout Jr.

I think all you need to do is to wait until you actually have an incoming
fax. At that point you should punch the Receive Fax button. The Manual
Answer option allows you to hear if the incoming call is voice or data. You
would use the Receive Fax button only if you're sure you're getting a fax.
It sounds like you're hitting the Receive Fax button while the phone is off

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