Reasons why not to buy Terabyte Products



Reasons why you should not buy Terabyte software, specifically
their partitioning/imaging software:

1) many complaints on their newsgroup about people unable to
obtain a clean uninstall of their software which alters the
hard drive beginning sectors-you can't get rid of it once it's
there. They even alter the floppies used in installation such
that you have to zero out the floppy to use it for other apps

2) Terribly written, as if written by a foreigner,
documentation.which is only understandable if you know all
about hard drive boot geometry ahead of time.

3) Terabyte support no longer answers posts on their
support newsgroup. The rest of the people there really cannot
address the technical questions that arise, of which there are
MANY from use of their software. When they did answer
questions, their replies were often cryptic in a passive
aggressive fashion similar to the computer guy on Saturday
Night Live. You have to kiss their ass or beg them to get a
straight answer.

4) Terabyte does unprofessional things like install code that
makes your computer beep loudly and continuously if you enter
the wrong registration info beyond the 30 day trial. This is
their semi-malware way of forcing you to buy their product and
temporarily disables your computer from booting whilst you try
to figure out a way around their malware.

5) The software itself has very poor help pages, poorly
written in technical garb that, if you understood most of it,
you probably wouldn't need their software to begin with. Error
messages are impossible to understand only understandable by
the developers.

6) Their software bootitng is available free p2p and
elsewhere. Their new software is nothing more than an
extension of the old stuff with the same flaws and poor

7) I will say that their imaging does work for partition
restore, but their image viewer is proprietary and you cannot
open their images with third party software. Also their image
viewer is slow and does not work on some systems. It modifies
the Windows registry and installs a dll file that I am
guessing links to windows explorer. Very slow to open when it
works at all.

8) Linux has much better tools and Terabyte's partitioning
tools do not work well with linux.

9) Terabytes latest bootitng unreliably supports usb drives,
sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

My suggestion is to use Ghost,several free versions on p2p
that are virus free and has a MUCH better imaging file
manager. Faster than TB software and compresses image files to
significantly smaller sizes.




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