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Discussion in 'Microsoft Windows 2000 Printing' started by Dan Anderson, Aug 28, 2003.

  1. Dan Anderson

    Dan Anderson Guest

    Wow! I was having a printing problem with a DOS app
    running on Win2K--DOSPRN works great!!!
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    >see further questions inline
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    >>[posted and mailed]
    >>"Dana Cassell" <> wrote in
    >>> I have installed a DOS program on my W2K-PRo SP4 -

    >>> is, I cannot print from it.

    >>There shouldn't be any problems printing to the printers

    >you mention. Both
    >>can accept ASCII text streams (unlike the cheap ink-jets

    >which are "Win-
    >>printers" - similar in concept to Win-modems).
    >>I know you don't want to hear this, but please give some

    >thought to
    >>uninstalling SP4.

    >are you saying that if I uninstall SP4, DOS will print?
    >>If you open your printer's job window, do you see the

    >appear briefly?
    >how do I do that? When I try to print, nothing happens.
    >>You might also try sharing the printer, then from a

    >CMD.EXE window:
    >>net use LPT1 \\<your-machine-name>\<printer-share-

    >name> /persistent:yes
    >Not sure I know how to do this. I do know how to right-
    >click on the printer driver and see the "sharing"
    >and "share as" fields - is this where I would do that?
    >>If you don't want to back out of SP4, then give look-see

    >at DOSPRN at

    >Cannot reach it through that URL - will try again or
    >search for it through Google
    >>I fully believe that SP4 is so not ready for mass

    >Thank you for your input.
    >>Remove INVALID from e-mail address.

    Dan Anderson, Aug 28, 2003
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