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  1. usrlogon.cmd is the standard logon script on a Terminal Server. It
    is created when you run the chkroot.cmd to establish a rootdrive
    for all users. Nothing to worry about there. You can check it in

    STOP error 0x1E (KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED) is unfortunately a
    very common STOP error.

    Check the information and troubleshooting tips for this STOP error
    on the MSDN Bug Check Code pages at

    If you want a wild guess, I would search the cause amongst:
    1. non-native printer driver
    2. anti-virus program
    3. hardware (especially RAM) failure

    By the way, which FR/SP level is your Citrix running on? I seem to
    remember that MetaFrame 1.8 FR1/SP4 also fixed a lot of STOP error
    problems. Check
    CTX101933 - Fixes included in FR1 / SP4 for Citrix MetaFrame 1.8

    Vera Noest
    MCSE, CCEA, Microsoft MVP - Terminal Server
    --- please respond in newsgroup ---

    "Timothy Welch" <> wrote in

    > I run win2k server on a Dell box with Citrix metaframe 1.8
    > and server an access based financial software package. box
    > has run great for several years, bulletproof. However,
    > after installing service pack 4 for win 2k, we have had
    > many problems with the reliability of this system. we have
    > had frequent memory core dumps just suddenly. this morning
    > i was deleting a disconnected citrix connection when i got
    > the blue screen stop with the KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED
    > error and a physical memory dump and then a reboot. This
    > is a critical system for us and i need to know what is
    > causing the problems here. I have tried reinstalling some
    > of the critical updates and the win2k service pack 4 patch
    > as well as hotfix KB822428 which addressed and fixed some
    > issues with the citrix client after the service pack 4
    > install. any ideas about this would be appreciated.
    > i also see on login that this machine is executing a small
    > dos script called usrlogonc really quickly, which i don't
    > know what that is.
    > thanks,
    Vera Noest [MVP], Sep 25, 2003
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