Re: Epson dx5050, blocked, all lights blinking

Discussion in 'Printers' started by Arthur Entlich, Jan 2, 2009.

  1. Unfortunately, I can't offer you a definitive answer, but I may be able
    to help a bit...

    The DX5050 is a UK model and appears to be similar or the same as the
    CX4900, which may also be a English model. The US Epson website offers
    a downloadable waste ink resetter program for the CX4800 and CX5000
    models which are US versions. I don't however know if they will work
    and if they are equivalent in the software.

    You can download the waste ink resetting software for the US models at:

    I looked through the closest service manual I could find (CX5200) but I
    couldn't determine the error codes from it.


    If you are interested in issues surrounding e-waste,
    I invite you to enter the discussion at my blog:
    Arthur Entlich, Jan 2, 2009
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