Re Album DIY




Recently there was a post about Album DIY. I downloaded this program and
installed it. Immediately on the first run it attempted to connect to the
home server (

Now, while this easily can be explained by assuming "checking for a newer
version", how about this:

The program allows you to convert an album into a stand-alone exe file; so
far so good, but *why* doe this exe file have to contact (or at least
attempt to do so) the above mentioned site as well?. I've sent a message to
their support address, asking questions about this behavior but so far they
haven't replied...

The target of the contact BTW is a page, not within the ordinary site path,
with no real contents; looks to me as if someone is "counting". Well,
because of this undocumented 'feature', they may count me off!

Do I smell fish?


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