randomly printing second copy



i am running windows terminal server 2000 and all has
been okay for ages, when now all of a sudden with the
addition of a new printer (hp1200 (although i already
have another one from b4)), i have a printing dilemma.

i have applied the patch as per the Microsoft example
(dot4 printing reg fix)

the problem is that the printers are not releasing the
printed documents after printing, resulting in random
print jobs being spat out of the printers sometimes hours
later (i.e. 2 print jobs instead of one)

i remeber stumbling across something like this b4 but
searching through Microsofts website and extensively
searching Google i am drawing a blank.

some other useful info is as follows:

service pack on the server is 4, the clients are either
windows ME or XP.

i have checked the permissions on the following
directory: c:\winnt\system32\printers folder and it is
not set as read only (i found an article on M$ stating to
check this), i reset the security on the folder, and just
to see if it made a difference even
allowed 'everyone' 'full access' to it to remove it form
the scenario.

any tips, hints, or suggestions are greatly appreciated.
oh and btw i have updated printer drivers to latest
versions on server & clients, and tried both PS & PCL,
even a different wkstn, but all to no avail.

Thanks in advance



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