Random emails opening on half a screen


Gavin Curtis

I encounter an issue where when I open an email (this happens randomly by the way - not every email) it opens the email in half a screen. The text appears to the left and a huge grey block to the right. If I close and reopen the email then it opens normally.

The technical spec is:

I use Outlook 2010 on a Windows 7 (32 bit) working on Dell 6220 laptop. I also use Filesite 8.5 as my document management system.

So far this is what has been done:

removed my account from cache mode.
rebuilt .ost several times
Reset the outlook views (/cleanviews and /resetnavpane)
Removed all customisation from Outlook.
Removed Filesite from my laptop.
Ran Outlook in safemode
Swapped laptop three times with no profile carried over so it's a fresh profile.
It happens on my laptop or when it's plugged into a secondary monitor.
VGA cable from the laptop to the monitor has been swapped.
I've tried it via a docking station.
I've changed the screen resolution.
Ensured the graphic card has the correct driver installed.
Changed the Windows 7 theme to Areo.
Ran scanpst.exe
IT have checked mailbox permissions on the mailbox and cleaned up anything that was unnecessary.

All of this but to no avail. Does anyone have any other suggestions?

Many thanks


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