RAID0 Install approach



I have 2 disks, 3 partitions each, one with XP the other with W2k (i.e. dual
boot). I've got the following set for drive names:

Disk 1 Disk 2
C (w2k) D (xp)
E (prog) G

I am installing two new SATA drives as raid0. My intention is to install the
drives, setting them up with their raid drivers and installing XP, using 4
partitions so it would be:

Raid Drive, call it disk 3
C (XP)
I (prog)

After this I want the other two drives to also be available (IDE drives) so
my thought now is to unplug while I do the new drive install/setup, make
sure the bios is set to boot on the raid drive first, and be able to run w/o
the other two drives.

Then I would install the Disk 1 and have it available as the dual boot
(after mods to the boot.ini on the raid drive). However, since all of the
registry info and program pointers on Disk 1 OS can not be changed and I
can't have two C drives I'm wondering if I should set the Disk 1 OS
partition as something else, say 'X' drive?

One other thought I had was to simply Ghost my current Disk 1 and restore
the image to Disk 3 and then install Disk 2 as the dual boot and use Disk 1
as a backup.

I'm looking for suggestions on acceptability of this approach or how better
to achieve the end result.


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