Excel Question on Formatting Cell and Adding a Row in Excel 2013

Apr 13, 2017
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Hi everyone, I am new to Excel and hope you can help me with two questions:

First question – Excels 2013 - I have two fields on a form B1 and B2 (both are combo boxes with drop down values of yes & No). How would I change the color of the text in field C12 to Bold and RED if the values in Fields B1 and B2 are the same?

Second question. I want the person using use an Excel spreadsheet to be able to insert a row after row 1 by using a command button and have the inserted row maintain the formatting of the first row, i.e. Row 1 has 5 columns A1, A2, A3, A4, A5 that the user fills out. Then if the user wants to add another row they would click on a command button and have a row automatically inserted below the first row (Row 1) and keep the formatting of Row 1 in the newly inserted row i.e. Row 1 cell A1 is formatted as a date cell, A2 is currency etc. What code would I use.

Thank you for your help.



Mar 25, 2003
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You can use conditional formatting to do that - click on C12 and go to Conditional Formatting, then select use a formula. You could use =B1=B2 as your formula and then select which formatting you want to happen if this is true.

Unfortunately if you insert a row this will disrupt the conditional formatting, even if you fix the cells (ie use $B$1 instead of B1), and I don't know of an easy workaround to this. Can you change how the spreadsheet works or does a row need to be inserted?

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