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In my database table "tblOperation" there are field called Date, WorkOrder,Operation, Status, StaffNo etc. In the field Operation employees records the daily activity against each WorkOrder. One WorkOrder may completes in aday or more. If a WorkOrder needs to be continued for the next day employee set the status of that WorkOrder to "IP", if completed then set to "C". Ultimately each WorkOrder has to be completed and status to be marked as "C".. So there are WorkOrder status "IP and "C" as shown below. My aim is to make a query to filter out WorkOrders which doesn't have status set to "C"

Date WorkOrder Operation Status
28/1/2015 235 Test job IP
28/1/2015 236 Test job IP
28/1/2015 237 Test job IP
28/1/2015 238 Test job IP
29/1/2015 235 Test job IP
30/1/2015 235 Test job C
30/1/2015 237 Test job C
30/1/2015 236 Test job IP
31/1/2015 236 Test job IP
In the above table WorkOrder 235 & 237 are having status "IP" and "C". Where as WorkOrder 236 & 238 are only having status "IP". Kindly help me to make a query bring the WorkOrder list which is having "IP" status only.

Thanks and regards


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