Problems web-deploying a winforms app


Toby Austin


I've created a simple windows form application consisting of an exe
and a single dll. Both contain a public key file that I created using
the command: sn -k MyKey.snk
I've also created a simple html page so I can deploy the app via the
web. The app works as expected on my machine and also on a remote
machine if I run the .NET wizard and trust the assembly. However:

1) I have to give Full Trust. Why? My app is very simple and does not
reference the file system or registry etc. The app simply doubles a
number (the dll does the calculation and a windows form gets and
displays the number to be doubled).

2) Because I created a public key, I get the option to trust all
assemblies with the same public key. I thought that by checking this,
if I make a change to either the exe or dll, then I would not have to
re-run the wizard on the remote machine – but I do. Am I
misunderstanding something here? I've checked and unchecked the
‘Include version number' option but this makes no difference. What
does this do?

TIA for any help,
Toby Austin


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