Problems after XP SP3 update



After my in-laws installed sp3 from the MS site:
1.Computer automatically runs scan disk cannot be stopped
2.hangs after reporting errors
I finally was able to boot into safe mode, ran appwiz.cpl, uninstalled sp3,
Ran chkdsk.exe from command and repaired volumes, now:
1. Computer still starts to scan disk upon boot but i am able to "hit any
key" and get to desk top
2. Disk Defrag, in analyze stage fails with the message that there is an
error with c:\windows\$ntuninstallkb824105$
Computer is a Dell Pentium 4 so the AMD & Hp problems and solutions don't
seem to apply. Looking for advice on how to correct the repeated chkdsk and
how to install sp3 succesfully. I will disable Symantec and anti malware
programs before next attempt.


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