Problem with VPN loosing static routes in RRAS




First, the facts:

We have two lans virtualy connected by two windows 2000 servers (a SBS2000
server on one location (A = 10.0.*) and a regular one on the other (B =

Location A connects to the internet through ADSL, location B is a ISP
hosting location, so permanently connected.

The server at location A dials in to the RRAS server at location B. Both
servers have a static route (in RRAS) setup to the able to connect to
machines at the other location.

Bidirectional communication works fine over this connection.

Now the problem:
If the ADSL connection at location A gets reset (ISP's tend to do that every
now and then), the static route to location B gets lost!

My temporary solution:
I have found that I can reenable the static route by changing the
destination network on the location B server and then changing it back to
the previous settings (change 10.0.* to 10.2.* and then change it back to

Anyone familiar with this problem? Maybe you have a nice permanent solution
for it?

Kind regards,


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