problem with certificate



I don't know which newsgroup I should post this but maybe someone here knows
what the problem could be.

I have set up a certification authority (win2000) and one all machines but
one I get the certificate I have created.
On this machine I get in the eventviewer
EventID: 13, source: AutoEnrollment
"Automatic certificate enrollment for local system failed to enroll for one
Computer certificate (0x80070005). Access is denied."

If I open mmc and go to the certificate snap in and local machine, and try
to request new certificate
I get an error:
"The certificate request failed because of one of the following conditions:"
"- The certificate request was submitted to a Certificate Authority (CA)
that was not started."
"- You do not have the permissions to request certificates from the
available CAs."

Does anyone have any an idea what I could do to get it to work?



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