Problem with Access file linked to a pdf



Good day,
I've built an Access database with forms for data input by trainers to
document system training. I have a switchboard so that the trainer can
choose the appropriate form, enter data, then exit. This works PERFECTLY
when the file is opened from it's file folder, and the data from the form
ends up in the appropriate table with no problem. (Kinda proud... taught
myself the basics and did it all by myself!)
Now the problem: I've linked the access database file to a pdf that's
posted out on my company's intranet, so that the trainers can easily get to
the database without having to search. It opens to the switchboard
correctly, the forms come up fine, and you can enter data. Then the data
gets lost... never makes it to the corresponding table. Same file, same
securities on the same PC.
The education specialist and I are both stumped! Any ideas for this
self-taught newbie to Access?
Thanks so much.


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