Problem opening file from explorer when path is "too long"


Sylvain Besse

Hi everybody,
I've found a strange issue on a WinXP SP3 / Office 2003 SP3 workstation. The
user tries to open a file located in a shared folder on a server. The shared
folder contains subfolders, a letter is mapped on the workstation pointing
tothe shared folder.
When you try to open a file in a second-level subfolder, Excel won't execute
the formulas (SUM(A1:A2) = 0 with 5 and 2 !!).
If I use the UNC (\\server\share) instead of the letter, I cannot go as deep
as when I use the letter in the tree of subfolders.
If I open the files from Excel (file - open) There is no problem.

Any idea ?


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