Problem Installing IIS



Hello. My problem is evidently the same as that described in a post earlier
this month, but I think I've already followed the proposed solution: I'm
nearly sure that, like the other user, I had upgraded to SP2 via an automatic
download. And like the other user, when I tried to install IIS (via Add
Windows Components), I was told to insert the Service Pack 2 CD, which I
don't have. So I borrowed one from a friend. But still no luck. Sorry for
such a long note, but here are the details...

This time I inserted the SP2 CD when requested, but it couldn't find the
file it had requested. So I clicked on the CD to explore, and got the
Autoplay, which I permitted to do its thing, and re-started as required.

So then I tried to install IIS again, and once again it asked for the
Service Pack
2 CD. This time it was trying to find a file called admxprox.dll, which I
is actually different from the one it was asking for the first time (whose
I've forgotten), so maybe the installation of Service Pack 2 got us further

For what it's worth, the IIS installation program is expecting to find
admxprox.dll in the F:\i386 directory (where F is, in fact, the drive letter
of the CD drive where the Service Pack 2 CD is currently located).
Unfortunately there is no i386 folder on that CD.

There IS an i386 folder in my Windows\System\ServicePackFiles directory, but
alas it contains no file named admxprox.dll. It does contain admexs.dll and
admwprox.dll, both dated 8/4/2004, which I presume must be the approximate
date that SP2 came out.

The aforementioned i386 folder has an update date of 2/16/2006 at 9:39 pm,
is, in fact, when I let the Autoplay installation program do its thing.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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