Matthew F.

I have a strange situation when it comes to printing from
Excel 2002(XPPro). Operating system is XP-Tablet
(Compaq). When going to print an Excel spreadsheet, you
can preview it perfectly on any printer selected, but
when it prints it moves items all around in blocks. For
instance it will print 10 lines fine, then skip a bunch
and then print the rest fine for a while then print the
missing lines after it. Plus it will print over the top
of other lines. It doesn't do it all the time, so it
makes it real hard to troubleshoot it. But it is getting
worse. If anyone out there has seen this before Please
let me know a fix. SP's are up-to-date, so I'm really
confused. I have reinstalled the whole Office package as
well as replace the just excel, with no luck.



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