printing envelopes in Word 07



Help! I can't get my Ricoh Aficio MP C4000 printer to print envelopes that I
have inserted into the document. I can print the envelopes the regular way,
but my boss doesnt want to have our envelopes printed professionally anymore
and so I insert the envelope into the document so that I can format the
return address to look more professional. When I tell it to print, the
printer whirs but doesnt print. Sometimes it does nothing at all. How can i
get it to wake up? I have tried changing the document size in the print
properties to envelope size, but then the envelope gets jammed in the
printer. why is that especially since when i print envelopes the regular way
they come out fine.




When you say you "insert the envelope into the document," I assume you mean
that you attach the envelope to the document. With my HP, I start with
Ctrl+P, then enter s1 for the page to print. The envelope attached to the
document is "section one."



Graham Mayor

I don't know if it will be of interest to you, but see the add in at which includes a function to
create size #10 envelopes from a pair of envelope templates that you can
modify to your own preference with the addition of a return address and a
preferred font for the two paragraph styles - Envelope Address and Envelope
Return. You can even change the size of the envelopes, as long as you don't
change the filenames or their locations.

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