Print server (KX-PNB1) in Panasonic KX-P7200


Danny Horne

Hi all,

I've had this printer a year & have just got round to digging deep & seeing
what I've got. It's equipped with the KX-PNB1 print server, which I
understand is made by Emulex (right or wrong?).

If I'm right it looks like I should be able to upgrade the firmware /
software & add a web interface to the thing. My problem is, if it is an
Emulex, exactly which model it is (Emulex list a number of legacy print
servers). Below is the output from a telnet session to it -

Server> sh server hardware
Server Information
Product: KX-PNB1
Hardware: A.34
Firmware: (SL) 4.01 970512
Software: 6.10 970512
Console Port: none
Load Type: Selfload
Uptime: 1527 (0 00:25:27)

Anyone any experience of this printer?
Thanks for all replies


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