Prevent duplication of a Back End


Jim Franklin


I have a client who has paid for a single site licenced copy of a
Front-End/Back-End Access 2003 database application. They will have the
ability to install copies of the front-end on different machines but all
point to a single back end db on a pc on the LAN.

I am concerned that I believe they intend to distrubute complete copies of
the system to other people/organisations, for their own profit. (Not the
most desireable clients, but its a long story!)

Does anyone know of a way whereby the front end can verify it is linked to
the original back end, and not a duplicate on another machine? Obviously any
data, keys etc are copied across when a back end is duplicated, but I
wondered if there is any way of identifying the machine name, windows id,
etc that the back end is stored on?

If anyone has any ideas, it would be very much appreciated!




Daniel Pineault

There are options, but if someone want to copy and use it they will always be
able to find a way. Microsoft, and other companies, spend millions trying to
stop piracy and haven't even put a dent in the problem. Even when they try,
they end up causing problems to their legitimate clients...

That said, you could, at load time, check the path of your linked tables
(your back-end). If it does not point to the specific PC your set the
back-end on, then terminate the application. However, this would mean they
would have to have you come in if/when they wish to move the back-end to a
new machine.
Hope this helps,

Daniel Pineault
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in a previous lifetime I was involved in packaged software ; there is a very
mature speciality of software licensing - - while MS may not use it because
they are highly retail - alot of business software does... not sure anymore
whom is the will need to google around...

put a "Help" area in the application with your own contact info.... if you
package it as a runtime with your existing's client path to the BE - it will
certainly be an invalid path for a future customer.....and they will have to
contact you for install.....

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