PPT 2003 vs. 2007 issues



Hello NG,

I am really confused, I did a presentation with a lot of macros and
graphics (using a lot of fancy png graphics and I am changing the
visibility properties of those shapes programmatcially) which runs
smooth in powerpoint 2003.

However, if running the same ppt in ppt2007, the graphics seem not to
update to show correct or not show at all.
Did anybody made similar experiences already?

Also I am programmatically drawing charts, in 2003 it updated after
each new data set i was adding, in 2007 only at the end of the macro.

Any hint or help is greatly appreciated.


Sample png visibility

Slide.Shapes("PicStatusGreen").Visible = msoFalse
Slide.Shapes("PicStatusRed").Visible = msoFalse
Slide.Shapes("PicStatusYellow").Visible = msoFalse
Slide.Shapes("PicStatusGray").Visible = msoFalse

Select Case status

Case 1
Slide.Shapes("PicStatusGreen").Visible = msoTrue

Case 2
Slide.Shapes("PicStatusRed").Visible = msoTrue

Case 3
Slide.Shapes("PicStatusYellow").Visible = msoTrue

Case 4
Slide.Shapes("PicStatusGray").Visible = msoTrue

End Select

Sample chart drawing

Set oSh = Slide131.Shapes("MyChart")
Set oGraphChart = oSh.OLEFormat.Object
Set oDatasheet = oGraphChart.Application.DataSheet
oDatasheet.Cells(1, i).Value = i
oDatasheet.Cells(2, i).Value = j
wait (0.2)
...end loop




Yes.  David Marcovitz has mentioned it and there was a fairly long
thread about it just recently.  His suggestion seems the best:  note
where the shape is, move it off the slide, move it back.  

Not sure about this one.  Anyone?

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Hi Steve,

Thanks for the feedback, reading Marks Post, does that mean that
Shapes do not like visibility settings in ppt2007 at all?
Also if anyone made similar experiences with embedded charts in 2007
that would be fantastic.

best regards,

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