Power-saving schemes don't turn off monitor


Bob Weissman

My HP Pavilion desktop computer running XPSP2 used to obey my wishes
with respect to power saving. Now it does not.

I want the screen saver to kick in after 10 minutes and the (old CRT)
monitor to shut off 10 minutes later. In the past, this always worked.

The last week or two, I'm seeing a different behavior. The screen saver
properly kicks in after 10 minutes, but 10 minutes later, the full
desktop display returns. The monitor does not go into standby mode as it

I've tried tweaking various parameters in the power schemes. I've tried
reinstalling the Nvidia display driver. Nothing worked.

These days with both Microsoft and HP pushing updates to my computer, I
never know what's changed.

Any ideas how I can restore power saving to its previous working

- Bob


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