Power Configuration alters by it self.


Jesper Thomsen

I wonter i anybody can help me with this little spooky issue.
I have a laptop and want to:
1) Disable Hibernation (No problems here)
2) Disable stand-by (Never go to stand-by)
3) Never shut down hard disks
4) Make the laptop do nothing when closing the lid
5) Make the computer ask me what to do when pushing the power buttom.

I can set it up all right, but after a couple of hours all configuration
returns to shutting down hard disks after XX minutes and going into standby
after the same time. Needles to say that the lid closing returns to trigger
the stand-by and pushing the power buttom shuts down the computer.

I have tried everything I can think of; saved various power schemes and even
tried to look in the registry after hints but all to no avail.

Anybody out there with a good idea?

Best wishes


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