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Feb 4, 2017
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Hi guys,

I've used a spreadsheet in a previous job to do something similar, but coding on Excel is not something I'm familiar with so have been unable to implement the ideas into a macro for my current job.

I have a spreadsheet that we use to log deliveries. It has 8 columns.

Our Ref - Receipt Date - Order # - Company - Order Details - Placed By - Department - # Boxes

Now this sheet was in place before I arrived, and it already pulls data from a generated report about orders that have been placed by different departments. Once I enter the Order # the sheet pulls data for Company, Order Details, Placed By and Department.

What we currently do, is then just print the row off to go with the delivery and then the recipient just signs the sheet anywhere to acknowledge receipt. I want this to look like a proper delivery sheet, not just a row printed from Excel. I've already created the delivery note on another sheet in the workbook, but what I want to do, is be able to highlight the row in the log, press a button and have it auto popuate the new delivery note and then print. I'd need to be able to do this to any row new or old in case a delivery note is lost/incorrect.

Is it possible? Or am I just going to have to make do with my printed row?

Any help on the matter is greatly appreciated.


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