Poor gaming performance


Roger C. Rose

I am experiencing sluggish performance with the Pin Ball
game that comes Windows 2000. I have played it on other
machines running the same OS, slower processors, and less
RAM with noticeably better results. I am not a gamer but I
tried to build a machine that would do everything fairly
well within my budget. The system consists of a Soyo P4VDA
motherboard, SimpleTech PC2100 DDR-512 Mb, 2.4 Ghz Pentium
4 processor, 80 Gb Western Digital HD, and an nVidia MX420
video card. I'm running the latest VIA chipset drivers,
video drivers, and Windows 2000 Pro sp4. I also flashed the
BIOS with the latest revision. I hoped there might be some
known issue with the hardware combination I'm using that
you might have seen before; like maybe the VIA chipset and
that particular video card don't play well together. When I
noticed the performance issue, I tried running the game
after a clean install with nothing but the OS minus service
packs and it still ran poorly. Your will be appreciated.


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