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I am evaluating making a switch from my current contact manager software to
Outlook 2007 w/BCM that came with my recent purchase of MS Office. For
testing purposes, I've created about 10 "Contact" records and 350 "Business
Contact" records.

Is there anyway to automatically have a Phone Log record begin/start when
dialing a call? Right now all I see in the New Call window is a place to
select if you want a Journal Entry to begin when the number is dialed.
Unfortunately, Journal Entries do not show up in the Communications History
of the person that was called. They are all recorded chronologically only in
the Journal. And yes, I know you can do a search in the Journal using the
called contact's name but it is not as convenient as "seeing" a Phone Log in
the Contact's History, especially since you can link a Phone Log to other
records, accounts, etc., which you cannot do with a Journal Entry.

Assuming the answer is "no can do", is there anyway I can convert a Journal
Entry into a Phone Log and then move it into a Contact's Communication
History? Or maybe can I just directly move the Journal Entry into a
Contact's Communication History?

By the way, my less massive, el cheapo current contact manager software
automatically starts a Call Log and links it to the called person's record!



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