PDF attachments and Outlook 2003 error



I'm using WIndows XP Pro (all service packs and patches), Outlook 2003 and Adobe Reader 6.0.

Here are the steps that duplicates the following error

"A program still has file attachment ***.*** open. Changes to this document will be lost unless you save your changes to another file by clicking the file menu in the other program, and then clicking Save As."

First, open an attached pdf document from the email preview window.
Open a second attached pdf document from another email in the email preview window
When clicking on a third separate email that has an attached pdf document, that's when the error occurs.

This error does not happen in Outlook 2000. If I select OK, I can continue, but will get the error message again when I click on a 4th separate email, it goes on and on.

Any help would be appreciated

Thank you


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